The top-of-the-range activity of this rural house is trekking.  Right from the house, we can get to a network of distinguished trekking ways such as: Cuevas Negras, Las Moradas, Talavera Cumbre de Bolico and Monte del Agua, where you can appreciate a flora with populations of Laurisilva, fayal-brezal, some dragon trees and as a special mention a big barbusano in the route of Cuevas negras. The typical fauna of these places is integrated by birds of preys, laurisilvas´s pigeons (rabiche and turqué), birds (blackbird, hoopoe, etc), reptiles (tizón lizard or verdino). We also emphasize the Barranco de Masca (gully/ravine) and the Volcano of Chinyero. Trekking´s guide: