The cuisine of Tenerife is so simple, but with a great wisdom and rich in genuine flavors. The climate – different microclimates – and the exploitation of the nearest and usual local products mark the traditional recipes of the island´s gastronomy. At the Abreu Bar, which is at 5 minutes from the rural house, you could taste some of the typical dishes of the zone, such as: goat´s meat with potatoes, rabbit in salmorejo sauce, chops with potatoes and corncobs, canarian potatoes (cooked with salt and peeling) with mojo (typical sauce), chickpeas, cabbage´s stew/soup, escaldón, goat´s cheese, gofio (toasted cormeal) and wine of the zone. We also recommend you to taste the shredded meat and Spanish omelet sandwich with French bread . For tasting these dishes you need asking in advance.